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KOREA HOSTED THE TEA MASTERS CUP INTERNATIONAL!A unique international competition among tea professionals, the tea masters cup™ (tmc), was held at the beginning of June in South Korea, at tea world festival, one of the largest and most successful beverage exhibitions of this region. A large international group of tea experts from different countries 

(Australia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Vietnam, Russia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and USA) visited Seoul on June 9-10 to take part in the final round of the Tea Masters Cup International 2016.

Thousands of Tea World Festival guests who attended the competition in person and many fans all over the world who watched live internet broadcasts witnessed impressive displays of the art of tea preparation.


According to Euro monitor International, global sales of coffee pods grew13% by volume in 2015 and reached 310 thousand tons by the end of that year.

This market grew much faster than other coffee market segments: from 2010 to 2015 the Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) by volume was 16


Among jury members at the TMS International competition in Istanbul (September 2015) was a man

who devoted his whole life to tea - Bryan Baptist. It is difficult to say which country he represented:

Turkey, where he has been living and working for the past four years, or his native Sri Lanka, where he

became what he is now: a Tea Taster with a capital «T». But to Bryan Baptist himself, there is no doubt:

after all his travels and lectures he always returns to his homeland, where he always has plenty to

do - teaching, consulting, buying tea, designing tea blends. Tea is his life. His students have reached

great heights, with many becoming CEOs of tea businesses: and they all have wonderful things to say

about their teacher. In an exclusive interview with Coffee and Tea International, Mr. Baptist shared

his vision of the profession that has become his life.

These and other articles read in the fresh issue of the magazine Coffee and Tea International. In the issue of C & T are traditionally represented also the most important market news, analytics and statistics, as well as an interview with representatives of the coffee and tea community whose active work contributes to the development of the market and the deepening of knowledge about coffee and tea.

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