Global black tea production down by 3%

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Global black tea production so far this calendar has fallen by 2.48 per cent over the same period of 2016. 

“Black tea production around the world so far this year has fallen to 909.30 million kg (mkg) from 932.41 mkg”, Rajesh Gupta, compiler of annual Global Tea Digest, told Business Line. 

This fall of 23.11 mkg marked a decline of 2.48 per cent. 

The major fall has happened in Kenya due to adverse weather conditions. Here, the production has fallen to 232.47 mkg from 280.09 mkg. This fall of 47.62 mkg marked a decline of as much as 17 per cent. 

Bangladesh is the other country production has fallen – by 4.12 mkg to dip to 19.62 mkg. 

All other countries have posted an increase in production. “India topped at 443.15 mkg – up by as much as 19.11 mkg. Sri Lankan production rose by 7.25 mkg to reach 181.09 mkg”, Rajesh Gupta said. 

Nevertheless, the loss in Kenya was so large that the rise in all other countries could not offset it. 

This is creating a shortage in the global supply of black tea and a push in demand.


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