Russian Custom supports reduction of the inventory, forbidden to transfer to the international items of mail

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The Federal Customs Service (FCS) supports reduction of the inventory, forbidden to transfer to the international items of mail.

As the head of department of trading restrictions, currency and export control of FCS of Russia Peter Baklakov has informed today at press conference, the question on modification of this list now is discussed. In particular, as candidates on an elimination from this list he named coffee and tea. The decision can be accepted within 2-3 months.

To transfer in International Mailings narcotics, the weapon, radioactive substances aren't supposed. Cultural values, alcoholic and tobacco production, the goods which are exposed to fast damage also are included in the list of the subjects forbidden to transfer.

The interdiction for moving in International Mails plants in any kind and a condition, seeds of plants, ozon-destroing substances, jewels in any kind and a condition / as подвергшихся to processing, and raw/, including natural diamonds is established. At the same time, the given interdiction doesn't extend on jewels.

Jewels for private use, as well as other goods imported on customs territory of the Customs union by physical persons in the international items of mail within calendar month, are released from payment of customs payments in case their customs cost doesn't exceed the sum equivalent of 1000 Euros and gross weight doesn't exceed 31 kg. At excess of the specified quotas concerning imported in International Mails jewels for private use payment of the customs duties, taxes under the uniform rate of 30 percents from their customs cost, but not less than 4 euros for 1 kg of weight regarding excess of cost and weight norm/1000 euro and 31 kg / is provided.

The underground group of the goods for the private use, forbidden to moving through customs border of the Customs union in the international items of mail is resulted in Appendix N 2 in the Agreement between the government of the Russian Federation, the government of Byelorussia and the government of Republic Kazakhstan from 6/18/2010 "About an order of moving by physical persons of the goods for private use through customs border of the Customs union and fulfillment of the customs operations connected with their release"


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