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Coffee and tea … is it the cure? In recent years, the country's pharmacies and Internet space have been filled with various kinds of medicinal drinks in which names there are such words as " coffee " and " tea ." For weight loss , pregnancy or nursing , for those who wish to normalize sleep or renal function , and so on and so forth ... In the country actually has formed and is continuing to develop an independent and largely parallel segment to the ordinary coffee and tea market. Is it good for the traditional coffee and tea market the presence of a new segment with a different consumer’s orientation? Is there any conflict between traditional and medicine coffee and tea market and if so, in which ways? If there is such danger, so what is the danger of a new segment of the market for the traditional coffee and tea market?

Participants of the market are sharing with their opinions with the readers of C&T

Tea Masters Cup is in the regions. After the first National Championship Tea Masters Cup, held in September last year as part of UCTIE 2013 in Moscow which caused great interest among tea professionals, the preparations for the second Championship has begun with the regional rounds - in the Siberian ( March 21,2014 , Tomsk) and Central Federal Districts (March 24-25, 2014 , Moscow) . Participants competed in three categories: Expertise brewing tea (Tea Brewing), composition of tea (Tea Set), Expertise tasting tea (Tea Tasting). About how these events have passed you can read in the issue.

is Roya the decline of Central America ? Lake Atitlan , Guatemala. Already on the second day the traveler’s ear begins to remark often sounding "la Roja" from a leisurely conversations of local farmers. Today's topic of Roya replaces the usual topics of Guatemalans ‘conversations, reconciles disputants and fills involuntary pauses in dialogues. What natural phenomenon we are dealing with, what the extent of the impact of Roya on the Guatemalan coffee, is there any light in the end of the tunnel… all these and others questions are covered in the author’s article.

Tea Russianness. Any arguments about the relationship  Russian tea traditions with the world tea culture must begin , of course, with the definitions of " Russian tea ", " Russian tea-drinking " and " Russian tea tradition ." And start with the definition of these concepts is necessary not only from academic considerations , but also to immediately encounter insurmountable difficulties. The fact is that in the modern tea culture the concept of " Russian tea ", " Russian tea-drinking" and " Russian tea tradition" do not have strict values ​​and can be interpreted in many different ways - depending on the knowledge and objectives of the interpreter. The vision of the theme is stated by the tea professional who is many years engaged in the theory and practice of serving tea and organizations of tea-drinking.

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