The Trade that Made the Nation – 150 Years of Ceylon Tea

created by Aliona Velichko | |   Новости партнеров

Tea is the very first association that arises at the word Ceylon. The second association is a surprisingly beautiful island with endless, green and neat tea plantations. 150 years ago, James Taylor could not think that the tea business he had begun with such passion and good will turn into an industry that would make the country what it is now. And give it the right to say: our tea is the best. This date, on the one hand, is small in comparison to the global tea history, but on the other hand, it is so significant for the country. That is why it is celebrated in Sri Lanka with great joy and scope. We, a group of journalists from all over the world, managed to capture the most important moments of this tea week of festivities, organized with the support of the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

The full text of the publication in the magazine "Coffee and Tea International" (№2, 2017) can be found here.

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