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Drinking green tea to prevent artery explosion

Kyoto University shows polyphenol intake reduces abdominal aneurysm expansion in rats. Japan's favorite beverage might be offering more than just a relaxing tea break.According to new research, green tea could prevent a deadly condition in the body's main artery. A Kyoto University team has found that abdominal aortic aneurysm -- a condition in which the main artery becomes overstretched and...

27 September 2016

Demand for Blue Mountain Coffee declines in Japan

There has been a decline in the demand for Blue Mountain Coffee on the Japanese market, where 70 per cent of locally produced coffee is sold. This...

21 September 2016

Creating a Coffee Husk Market in Ethiopia

Historically, coffee husks have presented coffee hulling stations in Jimma, Ethiopia, with a serious challenge. Coffee husks are a waste product...

19 September 2016

Africa: Ethiopia is now the largest coffee market

According to a report by Euromonitor, Ethiopia is now one of the largest coffee markets in Africa with a rough estimate of 127,000 tonnes sold in...

19 September 2016

Angola plans to boost coffee production

The Director General of the Angolan National Coffee Institute of Angola (INCA), João Ferreira Neto announced the launch of a programme to triple...

14 September 2016

France to ban plastic cups in coffee machines

France has passed a controversial ban on single use plastic cups, knives forks and plates. The plastic ban law was hidden away in the “transition to...

14 September 2016

Colombian production up 6 percent in the past twelve months

Despite the negative impact that El Niño phenomenon and the recent transport strike have had on Colombian coffee production and exports, coffee...

13 September 2016

Olam International co-founder and CEO joins Business & Sustainable Development Commission

Olam International Limited (“Olam”) is today proud to announce that its Co-Founder and CEO, Sunny Verghese, has become a member of the Business and...

13 September 2016

Wanted: Army of coffee experts to help Philippine

An “army,” not of soldiers but of coffee experts—farmers, processors, roasters, cuppers, graders and cafe owners—is what the Philippine Coffee Board...

08 September 2016

Colombia plans to increase coffee production to 20 million bags

Colombia will increase its coffee production in 2020 up to 20 million sacks, as a result of the peace agreements on the rural economy, said today the...

08 September 2016

Arabica harvesting nears the end and confirms large output and high quality

The arabica coffee harvesting of the 2016/17 season was about to end in the main producing regions in Brazil in late August. Field activities were...

06 September 2016

Coffee quality and cost to be impacted by climate change, says report

Climate change is already putting production and cost pressures on the supply of coffee in significant parts of the world’s ‘bean belt’ of coffee...

06 September 2016

Coffee drinking habits can be written in our DNA, study finds

Researchers have identified a gene that appears to curb coffee consumption. People with a DNA variation in a gene called PDSS2 tend to drink fewer...

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