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Were you around many tea connoisseurs, most renowned tea brands and memorable seminars? - Then, for sure, it was Moscow International Tea Symposium!. 

Second in its history, it left the first steps far behind and has a whole world of opportunities ahead. The Symposium was attended by over 400 participants from tea fans communities of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, United Arab Emirates, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Japan, who sent their representatives to Moscow.


The first official event which united all the participants of Tea business of Russia, CIS counties and foreign countries came to the end on February 9th. The Symposium welcomed 300 guests from 12 countries who introduced all the segments of tea business. The event was covered by electronic and print mass media.
A.V. Gordeev, Minister of Agriculture, in his speech to the Symposium participants noted a great meaning of tea for Russia and wished high business achievement and fruitful work at the forum. The first session of the Symposium was under the direction of Alexander Borisov, general director of TH Grand, the head of one of the oldest tea companies. The official part of the Symposium was opened by Michael Bunston, the Chairmen of the International Tea Committee. He mentioned the key questions of the international tea trade and made a prediction in his speech on the theme: “World tea market: in balance of supply and demand”. Ramaz Chanturiya, the general director of Association “Rusteacoffee”, in his speech “The influence of economic crisis on the state of tea branch in Russia” mentioned the specific character of the branch development in the period of crisis. Basudeb Banerjee, the Chairman of Tea Board of India, informed the guests about an innovation of Indian tea market directed to the activation of trade with Russia in the report: “Indian tea for the mobile (changeable) Russian market”. The report of Dante Parini, the vise-president of Glatfelter company, on the theme: “Beverage Filtration Papers. Supply and Demand in the Current Environment.” in which he described business status in details, was interpreted with an interest by professional tea community.
The moderator of the second session was Anton Kudreiko, the commercial director of GTC Sapsan. The second session of the Symposium was opened by Dr Adolf Kler, Head of product development department of Martin Bauer company, who offered to the listeners the report: “Herbal Infusions: an overview on interesting topics, particularly legal aspects, Quality and Safety”. After that Elena Samodurova, the deputy chief of the department Consumer Scan of marketing research Institute GFK Rus, analyzed new tendency of tea market in Russia.