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Botanically coffee belongs to the family Rubiacea species Coffea, which has such varieties as  Arabica, Robusta (Canefora), Coffea Liberica, Coffea Excelsa. For industrial production are significant only Arabica and Robusta which are commonly cultivated.
By technology of production tea is divided into:
not soluble (roasted, roasted&ground), and soluble (powdered, granulated (agglomerated) and freeze-dried).
By technology of stripping a beans from a husks coffee is divided into:
dry (unwashed), washed, semi-washed coffee.

By quality range green coffee beans are divided into following grades:

  •       Exellent
  •       High
  •       Mainstream
  •       Low

As the degree of roasting coffee is classified as: strong roasted, medium roasted and weak roasted. During roasting process the following stages are known: the green stage, the yellow stage, cinamon stage, brown stage, dark brown stage, black stage.
By grinding coffee is classified as: 
coarse grind, medium grind, medium-fine grind, fine grind, extra fine grind.