2015 is promising to be an interesting and quite challenging year for the coffee and tea industry. We are witnessing a period of low oil prices; this will definitely have an impact on the world economy, and most experts are busy trying to

anticipate the coming changes.

Without going into too much detail, we can note that there is a broad consensus among experts: the economies of developed countries will grow faster, while countries such as China, Brazil and Russia will see a slowdown (the falling oil prices will hit Russia especially hard).

Depending on their current role in the world of coffee and tea (China is a major producer and consumer of green tea, and at the same time – the most

promising market for coffee in the last few years; Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and also a major coffee market; Russia is the world’s biggest tea importer and also an important market for coffee), each of these three countries will have to face the coming challenges in one way or another. As the year progresses, we will keep a close eye on these markets and will try to make sure that our readers stay informed about all major changes. As soon as in May of this year, we are expecting World Tea Summit, a major tea industry conference, to take place in Turkey; the participants will pay close attention to the market dynamics in the region (Eastern Europe, Russia/CIS, Middle East). I am sure that the coming market developments will be a hot topic at any major industry gathering this year (Upakovka/Upak Ilatia, ProdExpo, Africa Fine Coffee, India International Tea & Coffee Expo, IFFF, Cafй Asia & ICT Expo, World of Coffee etc.).

2015 will also see the continuing development of the Tea Masters Cup (TMC), an international competition of tea industry professionals. National qualifying rounds have already taken place in Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, and are soon to be held in the Czech Republic, Italy, South Korea and Turkey. It is expected that the first International Tea Masters Cup will take place as part of the World Tea Summit. The participants will have an opportunity not only to demonstrate their skills, but also to become familiar with the Turkish tea industry. This project is beginning to attract the attention of tea experts in many countries, and because of this, I am inviting everyone to attend the first International TMC: you will be able to see for yourself the exceptionally high caliber of the competition, as well as take part in discussing the future of this exciting new tea industry event. You can always get the latest news about the TMC at the event’s website, www.teamasterscup.com.


Editor-in-Chief Ramaz Chanturiya






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