The only constant thing in this world is change and, frequently, not the kind of change that you were counting on...But isn’t this the very thing that makes life interesting? Of course, we all like stability and predictability, especially when things are going well and we want them to stay that way forever. But we must remember that this too shall pass. We have to keep moving just to stay in the same place: as soon as we stop, we lose control over our lives.

To be constantly in motion, constantly searching for new ways to develop one’s business, especially in our rapidly changing world, is a formidable task – but it can be accomplished. We must implement new production and marketing technologies, launch new products and services, create new marketing nich- es, experiment, make mistakes and experiment

again... The most important thing is to keep the creative spark alive through it all, to analyze not just your mistakes, but your successes, and, most of all, never stand still!

Another sine qua non of success is the ability to “feel the market”, to know its trends, to keep an eye on the competition. And the best help for this task is a knowl- edge repository, such as, for example, our magazine. We are not just an industry publication; we are a communications hub. Our goal is to create a space for commu- nication for coffee and tea entrepreneurs and professionals. This is what we will continue to do in 2014.

This year, we are preparing several important industry events. At the end of March, Moscow will welcome one of the largest restaurant industry exhibitions, SIRHA MOSCOW; we will have a coffee and tea pavilion there, called “The World of Specialty”. In September, we are inviting all interested market participants to our annual Moscow International Coffee Forum and Moscow International tea Symposium, held, as last year, under the umbrella of the United Coffee&Tea

Industry Event. We would also like to meet our readers at our Fair, which will come as the culmination of the “Coffee and Tea Days” in Russia. We will certainly continue to publish on our pages information that is important to the industry: analytic and marketing reports by leading research agencies, accounts of major events in the world of coffee and tea, as well as certain historical articles.

But one of the most exciting projects for the new year is the development of a system of tea competitions. Last year, Russia hosted the very first tea-making competition, the Tea Masters Cup. It was conceived as one of the vehicles for fostering a “high culture” of tea, for raising the level of professionalism and for jumpstarting an exchange of knowledge and ideas among professionals of the food service industry. The competition rules that were developed specially for the Tea Masters Cup are aimed at raising the standards of quality and service at tea-serving establish- ments, which, we hope, will lead to the spread of the “high culture” of tea among consumers. We received an enormous positive feedback about this competition, and we are planning to start conducting similar events in other countries. We are hoping that as soon as 2015 we will be able to hold the first ever World Cup. How exciting!

You have probably already noticed that the symbol of our magazine has changed slightly. It is now a drop that holds together a coffee bean and a tea leaf, the two complementing each other without becoming one. This symbol reflects the nature of the processes that shape our professional activities: a combined effect of the forces of surface tension, gravity and aerodynamic resistance, as we remain constantly in motion. Our drop of tea and coffee is falling to the ground in order to give people more knowl- edge about their favorite beverages and to help them succeed in business. And I sincerely hope that you, our readers and advertisers, will help us make all these great dreams a reality. Please join us!

Always Yours,

Editor-in-Chief    Ramaz Chanturiya




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