Lately, people have been asking me how we can combine a tea magazine and a coffee magazine into one publication. After all, from the botanical point of view, tea and coffee are two separate plants, and the beverages made from them have historically been competing with each other!

A fair question, and one answer to it lies right at the surface: it is obvious that these two traditional beverages, equally stimulating but also equally natural and healthful, make the best allies. Not only do many companies today work with both products (simply because it makes perfect business sense), but tea and coffee also have many common “enemies” in the marketplace: other beverages that are fiercely fighting for their share of consumers’ daily fluid intake.

But there is a deeper reason: in order to understand the usefulness of a publication such as ours, we need to realize that both industries can profit from studying each other, especially such things as the fundamentals of growing and processing, price formation mechanisms and, most importantly, marketing methods. I am confident that the most successful companies in the next few years will be the ones that develop in both directions. It is not an accident that Starbucks, the largest coffee chain in the world, purchased the Teavana chain of tea shops;

Tata Tea a while back acquired the American coffee brand Eight O’Clock; the well-known coffee giant Kraft Foods launched tea capsules into the market.

To me the symbiosis of coffee and tea is a good example of the famous ialectical principle: progress is always the result of a struggle and the union of opposites.

This is why we strive to create a space for dialogue among specialists not only on the pages of our magazine, but also through other channels;

one example is www.coffeetea.net, a free multi-language electronic directory of tea and coffee companies.

In addition, we have come up with the idea of the United Coffee & Tea Industry Show, the largest industry event in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), that will take place in Moscow in September – and we invite all our readers to join us. We will attempt to present a tangible proof of the benefits of inter-industry dialogue.

We always strive to publish a broad variety of materials, so whether you are a professional involved in both tea and coffee spheres or just starting out in one, you can be sure to find something of interest on the pages of our magazine.

Ramaz Chanturiya 


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